It’s just a big bunch of gated outputs, so…what do you with this thing? Here are a few ideas:

Run a looped 48 note chromatic sequence, and have 48 individual time slots for drum machines or other pattern making sounds. Don’t like the timing on one position? Move it over one for slight timing adjustments.

Make some LED plugs and create a fantastic dot matrix display which an easily be read across a room.

Activate solenoids, relays, small motors, whatever you like, and “play” them from any MIDI source. (Note: earlier versions had 12V heavy duty output as standard and required switching out driver chips to produce a 5V output. Newer versions have a switch on the back driver board to provide either output.)


Width: 192 mm (38HP)

Depth: 38mm

Current draw: +12V: at idle just 40ma or so, but obviously this will increase with whatever you drive with it! Each output in the standard version is capable of capable of driving 120ma, times 48 that’s 5.76 Amps if you maxed everything out! This module is unipolar so there’s no -12V at all, or 5V (the 5V is regulated on the MIDI decoder board).

Here’s a demonstration video:

The user’s guide is available here:

As of 5/10/24, five units are available.

As of May 2024 the price for the 48 Gates module is $500.00 including shipping within the United States and Canada and $625.00 to the European Union and Japan. Please contact us for an international shipping quote for other areas.

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