Long Division Tone Module

Introducing the Long Division Tone Module: the first completely polyphonic Eurorack module using 100% analog divide-down tone generation.

The Long Division tone module has features not found elsewhere:

12 independent and free running oscillators, one for each note of the scale

Built in vibrato with speed and depth controls

Choice or organ or piano sustain

Tone Control

Variable release time

Tone and tuning CV inputs

100% analog tone generation

Plug and play operation

All 61 notes available all the time!

This video demonstrates the basic functions of the Long Division module.
Here we see the module playing back some piano music with large clumps of notes…not for the faint of ear!
Here’s some more conventional music with a Hammond-y kind of sound and some ragtime piano.


Width: 214mm (42 HP)

Depth: 60mm

Current draw: +12V: up to 500ma if playing all notes at once, 120ma under normal circumstances, -12V 4.5ma

The owners manual is available here:

Price: $925.00 including shipping to the US and Canada.

9/19/22: We have six units available to purchase. When these are gone we’ll assemble a second batch.

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