48 GATES- it’s nothing but a big bunch of outputs, 48 of ’em, ready to activate anything you like, with standard heavy duty 12V outputs, logic level 5V available as a no cost option.

(Note: we’re going to start shipping them without the little knurled rings on the jacks, as they don’t do anything structural and take forever to install.)

So…what do you with this thing? Here are a few ideas:

Run a looped 48 note chromatic sequence, and have 48 individual time slots for drum machines or other pattern making sounds. Don’t like the timing on one position? Move it over one for slight timing adjustments.

Make some LED plugs and create a fantastic dot matrix display which an easily be read across a room.

Activate solenoids, relays, small motors, whatever you like, and “play” them from any MIDI source.


Width: 192 mm (38HP)

Depth: 38mm

Current draw: +12V: at idle just 40ma or so, but obviously this will increase with whatever you drive with it! Each output in the standard version is capable of capable of driving 120ma, times 48 that’s 5.76 Amps if you maxed everything out! This module is unipolar so there’s no -12V at all, or 5V (the 5V is regulated on the MIDI decoder board).

Here’s a demo with a light show.

Price: $525.00 including shipping to the US and Canada. As of 9/20/22 we have 3 units available.

The owners guide is available here:

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